This is where I’m keeping track of our nightly challenge progress. Use the Table of Contents above to jump to specific days. Cheers!

Day 1 - 8/22/23

  • Chucked together our first scuffed set from the remains of an Insect Glaive status set.
  • Crafted the Primordial Malzeno Lance & upgraded its first few augment slots.
  • Completed the event “A Grand Gesture” with Blood Orange Bishaten and Aknosom.
  • Completed an Afflicted Shogun Ceanataur, lvl 100.
  • Completed an Afflicted Rajang, lvl 160.
  • Completed the event “Flash of Inspiration” with Astalos.
  • Got walled out by Afflicted Pyre Rakna Kadaki (maybe I need more damage, better positioning, and more aggro?).

Day 2 - 8/23/23

  • Carted out to Event Garangolm (the surprise Khezu was… rough).
  • Completed the event “Fear in the Flooded Forest” with Pukei-Pukei, Anjanath, and Bazelgeuese.
  • Remade our set to add Razor Sharp instead of Bladescale Hone.
  • Completed Afflicted Tetranadon, lvl 30.
  • Completed Afflicted Daimyo Hermitaur, lvl 125.
  • Completed Afflicted Bishaten, lvl 134 (1 cart, took me 4 tries).
  • Completed Afflicted Tigrex, lvl 160.
  • Started Qurio augmenting our Lucent Narga lance for a rampage deco upgrade, only to realize we didn’t have any rampage decos worth using yet.

Day 3 - 8/24/23

  • Completed the event “Another Grand Gesture” with Garangolm.
  • Completed Afflicted Lunagaron, lvl 156.
  • Completed Afflicted Magma Almudron, lvl 74.
  • Completed Afflicted Pyre Rakna Kadaki, lvl 110.
  • Completed Afflicted Rajang in multiplayer, lvl 170.
  • Completed Afflicted Lunagaron in multiplayer, lvl 160.
  • Completed High Rank Teostra in multiplayer.
  • Completed Event High Rank Teostra in multiplayer.
  • Finished making our Handicraft+, Master’s Touch+, and Master’s Touch decos.

Day 4 - 8/30/23

  • Completed Afflicted Scorned Magnamalo, lvl 150 (third or fourth try).
  • Completed Low Rank Village “A Test of Courage” with Zinogre and Magnamalo.
  • Completed Low Rank Village Magnamalo (3 times for the back breaks we needed).
  • Completed Scorned Magnamalo.
  • Finished making our Scorned Magnamalo lance and started on augmenting it.
  • Completed Afflicted Khezu, lvl 105.
  • Completed Afflicted Great Izuchi, lvl 21.